Excuse the whining please…

As I write this I feel that I need to share that I’m lying down on my couch, a pillow strategically placed under my neck causing my head to be flexed forward, my chin almost touching my chest. Right now, this is the only way that I can tolerate being on my computer.

The arthritis in my neck is aggravated again, I am in pain and I feel like whining. Feel free to stop reading if you like. It won’t hurt my feelings. I just need to vent.

But first, on a positive note, I had a wonderful visit with my friend yesterday, although her couch really helped to add to my neck pain. She talked and talked. I got the distinct impression that she needed some adult conversation. It’s tough to get much feedback from a 2-month-old, who is adorable, but not very talkative. We spent a few hours talking back over her birth story and the difficulties she had afterwards. Then we spent another few hours sharing and commenting on changes happening at my old job. While I’d love to share, ethically it wouldn’t be right. Let’s just say I feel even more confident that I left at the right time, physical issues aside. I’d suggest considering the term ‘going to hell in a hand basket’ for quick insight.

Back to the neck… I did some reading today on this situation and didn’t learn much more than I already knew. It’s arthritis, and it will continue to worsen. Did you know that your head, a head in general actually, weighs between 8 – 10 lbs on average? No wonder, when I sit up, that it feels as if I have the weight of a bowling ball on my neck. I did learn that I could use that weight to provide some traction and the possibility of relief. Extending my neck is definitely not good, but flexing helps so it was suggested that I lie on my stomach on the bed and allow my head to hang over the side for a brief time. The idea here is that the natural weight of my bowling ball head would pull my vertebrae apart a bit and hopefully help to relieve tension and pressure. It actually worked…for a while. Unfortunately I can’t really spend my days hanging off the bed.

I was admonished to be mindful of my posture, and I am keenly aware that I am going to have to find some way to modify some of the things I do with Miss Cece. I can clearly see that she has reached the age and size, just like her older sister before her, where a good deal of my actions with her directly irritate this neck issue.

Speaking of Miss Cece, she turned 4 months old today and a picture is appropriate.


She started rolling over about 2 weeks ago, back to tummy and just a few days ago, she went down for a nap on her tummy and while being mad because she lost her pacifier, managed to flip from tummy to back. This girl is determined. 

Somehow, when I see that face, it’s a little easier to forget about my neck for a few minutes.


2 thoughts on “Excuse the whining please…”

  1. Gah! Also, even reading the words “mindful of my posture” made me aware that how I’m sitting is about opposite from ideal. Usually I’d change it, but … but … it’s after five and everyone’s still asleep! This never happens, so I feel this might be the good time to revel in doing what suits me, even if I later regret it! 🙂

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    1. Had anyone told me in my 20’s, 30’s or maybe even early 40’s that I was going to get OLD and be hampered by this crap I would have ignored them 😉 Definitely no lectures from me, but health issues suck, a lot!

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