Big Kid School

Long day today. Tuesday’s are a challenge as I haven’t typically been with the girls since the previous Wednesday – 5 days off may be a bit too much. I think my body forgets that it’s going to have to climb stairs, get up and down off the floor about a billion times, wrestle with a 3 1/2 year old, lug around a 17 lb. four month old, and pay attention to, and play with, a dog and a cat.

We did get outside though. It was a bit cool, but the sun felt good and it was great just to be outside in the fresh air. The dog ran and ran, as did Miss G, so they both took naps after lunch. Miss C fell asleep in her stroller but then woke herself up when she accidentally hit one of her hanging toys with her hand. I’ll have to remember to move those next time.

Anyway, the reason for the post…Miss G will officially be in preschool two days a week come September. She will be at the local elementary school, just down the block from her house on Tuesday and Wednesday in the afternoon. This is the ‘big kid school’ because, as she doesn’t ever let me forget, she’s big now. I will be with the girls on Fridays again in the fall so I expect we will continue some version of our ‘home school’ activities on that day as well. It will be great to see what they expose her to at school and then I can use that for guidance on Friday’s. To be honest, I was running low on ideas and lesson plans, so letting someone else take over that job will be great. I’m mostly excited by the fact that she will have interaction with kids her age. She really needs and wants that so badly and there aren’t a lot of kids around her neighborhood during the day.

If I’m being totally honest, I am also looking forward to having a few days, and a few hours on those days, with a return to just one little person to care for. Miss C will be almost 1 year old and likely into everything, so being able to focus on her while knowing Miss G is learning and socializing will be welcome.

Still, even with the knowing that this is a huge, and very needed milestone in her life, it’s tough to realize that this little girl is growing up so fast.



3 thoughts on “Big Kid School”

  1. I can only imagine how different [calmer?] your life will be when Miss G goes off to learn about big kid things. Not to mention that Miss C will enjoy the undivided attention, even if she doesn’t know it at the time. Love how you’ve named your girls. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say “hi!”

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