A Day For Puttering…

My dad used to putter. I can distinctly remember him using that word often and describing many a day with a nonchalant “Oh, I’m just putter’n around…”

I came to realize that puttering for him meant that he was going to go to his garage, or outside, or even from room to room, and shuffle through miscellaneous items, check on the status of things, take stock of overgrown areas, perhaps even start out his puttering with a purpose like moving some wood from Point A to the much better and more convenient Point B. That purposeful act would then set in motion more puttering and more purpose, until – right before you could say “Why don’t you sit down and relax,” he would have a full-on project that needed to be done.

He had an uncanny skill for turning just about any small act of puttering into A PROJECT, and he loved that. He truly wasn’t happy unless he had something to keep his hands busy. If it was football season, you might catch him sitting for a bit, watching some of the game, but really, not for long.

I think that I inherited a little of that ability to putter. I wish I had project after project to keep myself busy, but all of my puttering is tempered by the fact that I just don’t have it physically in me anymore to take on full blown projects. I can however, start on something small, and wind my way from place to place with purpose. I just don’t let the puttering get out-of-hand.

Today was a putter’n kind of day, intermixed with sitting.

I puttered around the grocery store early just after starting a load of laundry. On my return, while stashing supplies near the laundry area it seemed important to unload the dryer right then and there.

I followed two trails of cat litter down the hall and onto two different carpets so both the broom and vacuum made an appearance. Then for good measure, while the vacuum was out, I sucked up dust bunnies inside the closet. All that sweeping and vacuuming led me to realize that the cat water fountain needed a good cleaning.

As I passed the table near the fountain our tax paperwork caught my eye. I got that organized and then it was time to call our long-time CPA and make an appointment. I will be seeing him March 11. I anticipate we will be paying this year.

The sun came out and I figured that it was the perfect time to go outside and vacuum out my car. That little chore led me to take stock of the dirt and leaves and other gunk inside my garage, so I grabbed the outside broom and swept everywhere.

I stood over the sink mixing up a salad for lunch and noticed a zucchini that needed to be used. Frittata for dinner was suddenly calling out to me. Rather than wait, because I knew my daughter would need the oven tonight for pizza, I whipped up dinner and started the dishwasher.

With the frittata in the oven, I printed some school worksheets for Miss G.

By then it was afternoon coffee break and computer time, I ended up here, reading and commenting, and starting this silly post. My dishwasher just alerted me that the cycle is complete. The dishes are ready to be put away.

I just saw the mail truck go by so perhaps I’ll take a short walk down to the box and get the junk mail. I know if I go outside again the weeds in my flower beds will actively call out to me. That situation constitutes one of those major projects I mentioned earlier, the ones I should avoid. I think the mail can wait. I’ll get it tomorrow, when rain is expected all day and I know that I won’t have any desire to be outside pulling weeds.

I’ve done enough puttering for today. No need to let things get out-of-hand…


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