An Unfamiliar Feeling

Sometimes a person, or people, are just supremely wonderful, like beyond words and thank you’s wonderful.

My oldest daughter and her family surprised me with a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers a few days ago. It was delivered to my door and now sits right here, next to me and my computer. The flowers are yellow and cheery and match the sunshine outside. It makes me smile each time I look at it.

My youngest daughter spent two days working out in my yard – edging borders, weeding, raking, even planting some flowers in a front flower bed. The yard looks a million times better, which makes me happy. I smile each time I look out the window.

Sunshine and happiness both inside and out.

It feels good to smile about something for a change.


5 thoughts on “An Unfamiliar Feeling”

      1. Lovely surprise to find Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice…. all over my reader this morning. It was an Alice marathon, which also made me smile so I will add that to the happiness factor noted in this post. Hope life and job are going well, and Nathan is playing nice 🙂

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