Share Your World 2016 Week 13

Share Your World Week 13

I literally just set down to write a nondescript post about nothing and realized that I hadn’t posted for Share Your World this week. In fact, I didn’t even remember to check for it. Apparently my brain turned off on Monday and just now switched back on.

Are you left or right handed?  I am fully right handed, couldn’t use my left to save my life. Nor would I be very effective if I found myself needing to use my toes. Actually, the reality is that most of these digits are so oddly misshapen with arthritis that writing with my right hand is beginning to look a lot like I am writing with my toes.

If you had only one TV, would you prefer the TV in the living room or another room? We do only have one TV at the moment and it is in what I refer to as my family room. The only rooms I prefer not to have a TV in are the bedroom and the bathroom. Sleep and bodily functions don’t really need High Definition entertainment to go along with. In fact, no bathroom needs electronics of any kind. I am referencing the phone I found in the toilet alcove of my room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas a number of years back. Likely those are gone by now, since we can all just take our cell phones anywhere we want…

I did find this photo, just to illustrate. My toilet was much nicer, the walls lacked ADA approved railings, and I had 3-ply paper, not the generic industrial brand.



Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story. This gets a big, fat no way, no sir. I might have given a nod to a walking event when my legs could still handle more than short, flat neighborhood outing, but I always hated running ever since a boy in the 2nd grade told me I ran like a girl…well DUH. Bike seats are just plain hell so no way am I sitting on one for any distance.

Complete this sentence: Love is… overrated. Unless it’s grandma love. Then it’s joyful.

Bonus question: Think I’ll skip this one, although I am incredibly grateful for all the sun and warmth we’ve been experiencing here in the last few days.



Love to hear from you!

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