A Major Move

We accomplished a big step yesterday. There was lateral movement within the house. We flip flopped our furniture between designated family room and living room.

Do many of you have two areas designated as separate living spaces? I know that there is that whole ‘great room, open concept’ idea that’s popular now. Folks like that enormous open space where all rooms flow into the next and walls magically aren’t necessary to hold up things like second floors or roofs. Our home was built in 1992 and the idea then was that you had a room (formal or not so formal) that was defined as living room, plus there existed a second area (ours is open to the kitchen) that could be a combo of play space-office-TV room-junk area…whatever the home owner needed or wanted. Our two family space rooms have had various uses throughout the last 23 years as kids, furniture and needs have come and gone.

The latest incarnation in defining these spaces meant that the main, front living area held an old couch earmarked for Alison when she moves, a few chairs, and a desk/computer set-up that is the best dust collector ever. It’s like one of those magic Swiffer sweeper things. Dust is automatically attracted to electronics and ours do a bang up job collecting. The other room, the ‘family room’ held my spouses very large TV and a large sectional couch.

I have never liked this second room really. The layout is odd, I often feel as if I am sitting directly in the kitchen, it can be rather dark, and over the last few years, as his hearing has worsened, my husband consistently increased the volume on the TV. That was enough bother during the day, but even more bother at night as our bedroom is directly down a short hallway and the sound from the TV carried even through a closed door.

I’ve been angling for some time, trying to figure out how to downsize the TV, (never going to happen) or move it. By chance, a friend of the husbands had a speaker system he was giving up and you know who pounced on that opportunity.

Did I mention yet just how much I am not an electronics person? When the speaker set-up arrived, I knew it was my chance to spring a major move. There was no room for all that garbage equipment to be arranged around the TV in it’s usual location. I was pleasantly surprised when the husband was on board with the change, and yesterday in relatively short time, and with great thanks to Alison, everything changed position without incident. The only one traumatized by all this is the cat, who should ideally be happy because she now has more places to perch near the windows and watch for birds, squirrels and her arch nemesis Little Kitty, but who – with her senility – likely feels betrayed by all the changes.

The test came last night when I went to bed and even with the bedroom door open, could barely hear the TV, now situated not merely 10 feet down the hall, but in the opposite corner of the house with two full walls between us.

Little victories make for brighter attitudes, and better sleep.


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