Share Your World 2016 – Week 17

Cee gave us a fairly easy one for Share Your World Week 17

I have to admit that most of the time the questions are light and answers come to mind rather quickly, but there have been a few since I started participating in this challenge that have stumped me, or caused me to feel like I have to think way too much. That fact has nothing to do with what Cee asks, but reflects my own, very often irrelevant need to read more into something than is necessary.

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen? I’m not a very neat writer. At least I think so even though I had to take penmanship and learn cursive in school. I balked when I learned that kids are likely not to officially learn cursive anymore as part of their curriculum, then I realized learning it didn’t help me much… so… With all that, I prefer using pen, as pencil seems to add to my sense of sloppiness. It must be a big, fat pen that is easy to grasp, not those skinny little Bic things. My fingers cramp up after just a few words, which also might be why I don’t like pencils.

What’s your choice: jigsaw, word, maze or numeric puzzles? First choice would be jigsaw, although (and yes I sound like a broken record) those little pieces are hard to grasp anymore. Mazes can be fun, and a crossword every so often provides a challenge, and also makes me feel woefully inadequate in my use of the English language at the same time.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? Short. No doubt it is short. I wore a pixie cut for years both straight as a board and also finally with a lot of styling product that allowed for some curl. I was told once that short hair as a woman ages can seem harsh (? really) and so now keep things about or around a bobbed sort of ear-level bowlish cut, only not with the straight, too short bangs across my forehead. Side part on the left, consistent color to hide the gray and those bangs reach mid-ear right now. Give me a few years and I’ll likely be ready for all over curls and a nice blueish-silver tint.

List five of some of your favorite blogs. So, not really fair to only list five cause there’s a whole boatload of others, which – when I remember to update – I have compiled into a list that can be found here.

the kitchens garden

the dancing professor

coffee and a blank page

heart to heart

behind the white coat

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  

Since I forgot about writing this post until later in the week, which to me makes it almost ‘last week,’ lets just say that I’m grateful I remembered to check out the prompt before the week was completely over.

As to looking forward – I look forward to finishing out this week in my little cabin by the sea. Yes, I made it here without incident and even took some optional routes for a change of pace. This little community isn’t so little anymore and continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I look forward to hearing how our savings is going to be drained when we get our roofing estimate, and best of all…I look forward to giving Alison (my youngest) a big hug when I return home. She learned earlier today at work that she will have a new, longer-term position with greater pay at her current workplace. This means, much to her delight, and my true sadness, that she will be moving out in the near future.



3 thoughts on “Share Your World 2016 – Week 17”

    1. It is great news isn’t it. She is very happy and while just a 4 year position at this point, even if she has to leave this location in the future she will have so much more experience.

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