Share Your World 2016 Week 19

I am, with decided intent, taking a break from Share Your World this week. To be totally honest, I felt completely unmotivated by the questions, and even after waiting a few days upon returning to them I just can’t find any inspiration in their content, rather I seek to answer them truthfully or even frivolously.

I will however, link the site as I always do because I think it’s important to acknowledge the effort Cee puts into this challenge each week.

So as not to simply end this post now, I will share some news. The reality of what I am about to share is both joyous and, if I allow it to be – which I am trying not to do – also sad. The news is also clearly life-changing.

My last adult child is moving out and into the world.

With the good news a few weeks ago that she finally has an (almost) permanent position at her current job she felt that it was possible to cut the last few strings in the child-parent cord and be on her way. I don’t want to imply that she has been lolling around here for years, or not contributing, or not eager to move on. Alison moved through college quickly by completing the first two years during high school. That allowed her to graduate with her degrees just after turning twenty-one. She just turned twenty-three in March. Two years out of college and still hanging around home is nothing.

She’s found a small apartment in a renovated house just minutes from her office. There are only two other apartments in the house. For an introvert, who prefers her world to be quiet and orderly and predictable, she’s found the perfect place. They allow pets so guess who’s going with her! Senile Snowflake, the yowling kitty of indeterminate age, will be packing up her litter box, her water fountain, and her pee pads and moving to a new home as well. Alison couldn’t stand the thought of not taking her, and I think Snowflake would miss her too much as well.

Move in day is June 1st.

Clearly this will not be the last mention of this change, although right now I am trying to embrace the fun of helping her shop for needed items rather than curl up in a corner and focus on selfish negativity over the loss of my last child.

When her soon to be landlord called her with approval of her application Alison’s first words were, “I’m an adult now!” When I heard that I tried to remember just when it was that I felt like an adult. I couldn’t truly pinpoint a moment.

What about you? Did you have a significant life event that made you say to yourself, “So this is what it means to be an adult…”



5 thoughts on “Share Your World 2016 Week 19”

  1. I think her move is a reason for joy. You did your job as a mother, and now she’s a strong + spunky girl ready to move on with her life. This is good. Difficult, perhaps… but good. Yay.

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  2. I think it was the same thing..when I moved out, off the farm, and into my own tiny apartment, I remember having similar feelings…can still see my dad standing in the driveway watching me leave..the memory is still a mixture of happy and sad…(I remember my 3rd daughter drive out of our place on her way to Colorado to relocate….I hear you Deb! DM


      1. It is both a good thing (You’ve worked yourself out of a job/ didn’t raise a co-dependent child for your own emotional needs) and also a genuine time of grieving, because it does signal the end of an important chapter in your life. the grief (at least for me) was/ is real. still makes me feel a lump in my throat even now when I think about it)

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