Just Visiting

I was cooking some sweet potato wedges in the oven for my dinner just a bit ago. While they were crisping up I decided to take advantage of the extra time to make out a grocery list. Tomorrow, I don’t need to head into work to see these two beautiful girls

until after lunch, so my plan is to hit the grocery store in the morning.

I saw that I needed some bananas, and thought that I should check my apple bowl as well. I saw about 5 apples left in the bowl, although one looked like it was well beyond edible. As I lifted it out to discard it something dark caught my attention at the bottom of the bowl. I lifted out a few more apples… and realized that I had a visitor.


Not too easy to tell here, but this thing was about the size of a half-dollar. My first thought was to turn the water on in the sink, flip the switch and grind this sucker up in the garbage disposal. However…(Alison I hope beyond hope that you read this) having had strong influence from my ‘never kill any living thing even gnarly insects and arachnids with legs 8 feet long’ daughter, I stepped onto my deck, gingerly snatched the last apple from the bowl and tipped this much-appreciative spider back into the wild world of my back yard.

Now I face the strong desire/need that is telling me not to eat the remaining apples inside that bowl. Do spiders burrow into fruit? If so, they wouldn’t lay eggs would they? I mean, this isn’t the tropics so I’m trying to convince myself that he/she was simply hanging out.

Now where the rest of the family might be…that’s even more worrisome.


6 thoughts on “Just Visiting”

  1. I’d consider offering the rest of the apples to the little creatures who live outside in your yard and trees and bushes. Perhaps they’d enjoy an apple or two? I suspect that squirrels and chipmunks aren’t fussy about spider eggs in their dinner.

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    1. Honestly, if it wasn’t stuck in that bowl, and I had any idea that it might be able to crawl up the sides to me, it would have been history in a heartbeat 🙂

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