Kitty goes home…

Today was the day. Kitty, aka Snowflake, has gone to her new home. Alison has fulfilled her summer work/travel duties and came to pick up the kitty this morning.

I was ready in many ways, but also not so ready. I am delighted that I will have more freedom. This is literally the first time in more than 31 years that either a child or pet has not been dependent upon me for care or food. Snowflake helped make the transition of Alison moving out a bit easier, but today I can truly claim to be an empty-nester. She has missed Alison, and I know that Alison has missed Snowflake greatly.

Right now I’m finding things odd, more than sad. I can visit the cat, and in the long run I think that will be enough and suit just fine. Odd it is though, when you expect to see an animal curled up in it’s bed on the couch it’s been occupying for years. Odd when you realize that there is no more liter box to clean, or cat food to buy, or a furry yowling alarm clock to raise you up at exactly 5:30 AM without fail.

The move seemed to go off without a hitch and Alison sent these pictures of kitty in her new home.



Her bed and her cat grass. What more does she need.


4 thoughts on “Kitty goes home…”

    1. Good question DM. Our family has always had a pet in the house, first a beagle before kids then a succession of adopted cats -meaning they adopted us!- but as to the future…I know myself better than to say no, never again, but definitely not now or soon. I need other things in life to be settled first. I love the companionship of an animal around the house though.

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