Eyes Wide Open

Not only has it become clear that my marriage has failed, but I have recently had the great pleasure to confirm that my eyes are failing me as well.

I know that in some past post many months, maybe years, ago I mentioned that my optometrist noted the beginning of cataracts, especially in my right eye. My latest eye exam, and yes I waited too long but my excuse is that I have had other things on my plate, showed that those small beginning changes are now ever thickening lenses and surely ready for surgery. Woohoo! I cannot tell you how much joy I felt upon learning that doctors with sharp tipped instruments and microscopic suctions will be messing around within my eyeball.

Don’t misunderstand. I love surgery. I am fascinated with surgery. If fully capable and allowed I would cut on any body part presented to me. I have even watched minor surgical procedures being done to me and found those experiences rather odd, but amazing.

However, I am incredibly creeped out by the idea of someone, no matter how highly skilled they might be, slicing anywhere near the vicinity of my eyeball. Rational Debbie knows that this is no big deal. Irrational Debbie is finding lots of imagined ways that this could be a really big deal. It also does not help to read patient reviews of procedures (not necessarily cataract surgery) that have somehow gone awry.

Rational Debbie will truly be glad to be able to see without this now very noticeable cloud marring her vision. Irrational Debbie just hopes she still has vision when all is said and done.


7 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open”

    1. Thanks. I suppose it’s really about coming to know that if you don’t go ahead you won’t be seeing for long. I have too much to do to be that dependent, plus I hear it’s a piece of cake 🙂

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  1. Well phooey. Not something to look forward to [no pun intended], but something that is so common now that I’m sure the docs know what they’re doing. Sorry & best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  2. I am totally creeped out by it, too. Scenes from gross anatomy play around in my head whenever people mention eye surgery. It is going to be just fine, though. I promise! I have not met anyone who regretted their surgery. 🙂

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