Thursday–I will be saying my final goodbye to this beautiful old kitty later today.20160811_122816

She has been living with Alison since August, but over the last few weeks, her tired body has been slowly failing. Neither of us can ask her to stay around any longer and so we will ease her out of our world gently and with love tonight.

Thank you sweet girl, for choosing our home, and for filling so many years with snuggles and scratches and even some frustration. Our hearts are breaking and the tears won’t stop.

We love you…

Friday–We spent many hours just holding and loving this girl last night, but now our baby is gone. She went without fear or pain cradled in Alison’s arms thanks to an amazing vet who was so very gentle and loving.




12 thoughts on “Snowflake”

  1. Oh, honey! I’m so sorry to hear this. One of our cats is getting up there in age and I don’t even want to think about it. We’ve had her since she was a kitten and she is still very spry.

    We love them and give them the best possible lives we can. They know that and love us on the same level. xo

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