Lists and Plans. Oh My!

I really have no reason to be heading in this direction at this very moment. I have time to move on this assorted collection of must-do’s over the next few months or so, but for better or for worse I’ve started on some lists of things that are going to have to change in the future. I need something that will remind me of the things that will go from being a shared plan, or a joint account, or a bill in his name, to an individual responsibility. Plus, it pleases me to know that thinking about, and planning action on these things means that I am still moving forward, albeit with that little hiccup of eye surgery holding things up for a short time.

So, a few things that will need taking care of…

–Right now we have a family wireless plan. I’m seriously thinking of the old folks phone plan for my future. You know the one. AARP recommends it. It seems basic enough for my needs and as long as I can talk, text, take a few pictures and look up an address or get directions on occasion then I’m good.

–Car insurance. We now have a great rate and I think I can stay with the same company, although I have to verify that. I’ll be able to drop the coverage down as well so I think I’m set there.

–I have had my own credit card for years. That will just need an address change. I will need to remember to remove myself from the joint credit card however.

–My own bank account. That one makes me incredibly happy so I’m going to write it again: My Own Bank Account. I like the bank we jointly use now and have no intention of changing unless they start changing their services or adding weird fees.

–Amazon. This is another one that makes me happy anticipating the day that I remove him as a user of my Prime benefits. He purchased one of those Fire Stick things. I’m tired of seeing his choice of late night movie genres popping up in my recommendations list. Let’s just say we have very different taste in movies. And, I don’t really know that I will pay for Prime anymore anyway. Gonna have to watch my spending much more closely I think, but we’ll see.

–The family dentist. This one is up in the air. I don’t really have anything against our dental office I suppose, but like most of the anticipated changes, I value the idea that I simply don’t have to go there anymore if I choose not to. It feels like a time for change across the board.

–Medical insurance and physician. That’s a big one, as I will lose insurance coverage and the whole ‘new physician’ thing has been a work in progress for some time anyway. Plus we have a whole bunch of people in Washington DC planning to take away any option I may have for health insurance anyway (and dental as well) so these last two points are a bit anxiety inducing. Thankfully, once I have these cataracts removed, I’m generally a pretty healthy person. That is if you don’t count crappy arthritic joints as a health issue. Or the fact that I already qualify for senior discounts and early dinners at many restaurants. Why is it that aging past 55 is synonymous with being a “Senior” anyway. Personally I won’t acknowledge ‘Senior’ until I can get Medicare coverage.

Well really that seems to be about all. With the exception of some basic new household needs such as putting an electricity or garbage bill in my name when I have a place to call home I think I’m ready. The doing of all of these mundane tasks isn’t new. An original shared role that he shirked  gave up over 30 years ago, the financial responsibility for our life has fallen squarely on me. I’m well prepared.

Can I also just say that I am pretty excited to be anticipating the search for a new home. While the possibilities are by no means endless I can’t begin to tell you just how pleasing it is to know that the future holds new walls and doors and spaces. They may be old, or quirky, and I anticipate very well used by others, but they will be mine. I have always associated the word ‘mine’ with a bit of a selfish tendency. It’s easy to hear the quintessential small child shouting in my head, “MINE!” and visualize that same child snatching a toy or other object away from a friend or sibling. Honestly, I am using the world mine a lot lately, and feeling selfish isn’t even an emotion that I’m willing to consider right now. MINE! = freedom.




11 thoughts on “Lists and Plans. Oh My!”

    1. Thanks Maggie. Good to hear from you. I know this is a long road and there will be bumps and hills and even mountains, but I can only go forward. That’s all I have right now because looking back isn’t worth it.

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  1. There is untapped energy (and clarity) that comes to the surface, once we go from “stuck” to deciding to address an issue head on. I can feel it coming from your blog 🙂

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