Hurrah! Hurray?

But first, I always thought it was hurray! but Google tells me that using hurray! is “an utterance of the word ‘hurrah'” as a noun or a verb, and right now all this grammar is confusing and who the fuck cares because YES, finally a piece of good news…


I was in and out of the retina specialists office in about 90 minutes with the all clear to proceed with cataract surgery!!!!

However; because there always seems to be a however these days, she did recommend followup laser zapping of some areas of concern that might be at risk of tearing somewhere into the future.

I do have some retinal tears in both eyes, but they are small and OLD and self healed. I also have something called ‘lattice degeneration’ which means thinning in areas that shouldn’t be thin, thus the possibility that a tear in the retina could occur. Part of me knows that I should take this seriously, but part of me also feels like I don’t have a good handle on just how much likelihood there might be of more tearing, severe tearing and thus detachment of the retina. I mean I’m almost 60 for god’s sake. If I can see with shiny new not-my-own lenses for a few more years, well that makes me happy and much less concerned about what might possibly happen down the road.

Also, there’s that upcoming issue of healthcare coverage, which of course I didn’t mention today as they were scheduling me for this laser stuff in early June. I can’t think that far ahead, in any way connected to anything other than getting this legal stuff moving. At the rate that I suspect the divorce process to proceed, I will almost assuredly still have the healthcare coverage that I do now, and I will not hesitate to go get these eyeballs zapped. If not, well- as with everything else I do lately- we face one day at a time and move forward.

Right now, moving forward means calling the cataract clinic and scheduling a surgery!





12 thoughts on “Hurrah! Hurray?”

  1. Delighted to hear your good news! Have signed up for your blog, and look forward with sympathy and interest to your news (there is eye trouble of various kinds in my family…) Thank you too for your very kind comment on my guest blog for the wonderful! Very best wishes, Alison (Brackenbury)

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    1. Thank you Alison. Celi’s blog has opened the world for me and I am slowly making my way through many of her reader’s blogs, learning-dreaming-and admiring of lives so very different from my own.


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