Onward we go…

So folks, another step in the process. I admit that this one was harder than I thought it would be, but it’s another that I can put behind me.

I have an appointment with an attorney on March 6th. To discuss divorce. Five days after my first cataract is removed. I guess when I set my mind to doing something, and the ball finally gets rolling, it all seems to fall into place in a hurry.

I had a moment of panic when I was told the consultation fee, then even more panic when I was told the hourly fee, then straight up fear when I was told the minimum retainer should I decide to hire her. Note to anyone interested: lawyers make a whole lot of money. I suppose you already knew that though.



14 thoughts on “Onward we go…”

  1. It sounds good – things are falling into place and moving along nicely. Perhaps almost as if there is some divine guidance involved. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some stomach lurches as you ride this roller coaster.

    Lawyers do make a lot of moola. I’ve been through two divorces. Both uncontested, basically rubber stamping. I can’t even remember the fees. I just kept my eye on the the decree.

    I’m cheering for you!

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    1. Thank you Maggie. I need all the cheering and support I can get as I try to move ahead. I can only imagine that your description of a roller coaster ride is accurate, and I hate roller coasters ;(

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    1. Ally, I’ve learned that there are so many variables depending on where you live. Every attorney/state has their own little nuances depending on the reasons for divorce, if children are involved, etc. I may know enough to pass the bar exam by the time this is all over.

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    1. Money, or perhaps better stated in my spouses case, the act of not spending money, may help to motivate this process to be civil and adult. Funny, I would love to believe that we could find a way to move through this and come to agreement on everything, without pause…that involves communication though…and that is one of the major issues at the root of this failure.

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      1. You are not alone — I suspect many, if not most, non-violent marriages that end in divorce involve a breakdown in communications. One of the few pluses of the all the expense is that each side has its own calm, civil lawyer helping the process along when “calm and civil” is the least thing you are feeling!

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  2. I thought those first consultation meetings were on the house…and if you decided to go with them, then you had to start shelling out money…Any idea what sort of time frame you’re looking @ from your march meeting until things are finalized?

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    1. Well DM, after the last year of research I can tell you that some attorneys will offer a free consult, but most don’t anymore, at least where I live. I think the type of consult plays a part as well, and the assumption is that most people aren’t going to glide smoothly when it comes to divorce so attorneys don’t want to waste their time.
      As to a timeline, it all depends on if we can agree on terms or not, and if not then it will have to go to trial I believe. No matter which way that all goes, in my state we have a mandatory 3 month wait after everything is filed before the decree will be considered final. In other words…months ;(


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