On Responsibility…

I’ve been pondering on that word a lot lately- responsibility and the taking of it, the lack of it, the inability to accept it, the fear of it…

What allows some people to easily step up, claim their place and do their just duty in the realm of responsibility while others do everything that they can to avoid it.

I know that it’s easy to imagine the worst, to invent in your mind all of the bad and wrong and horrid outcomes that might come from taking responsibility. I’m guilty of doing that very thing. But what about claiming and owning and feeling empowered by the knowing that you did step up, speak out, say “Yep, it was me, or I’m the one and I take responsibility for it…”

All those old sociology texts packed away in a cardboard box in my closet would probably tell me that we learn responsibility from our surroundings; from watching the people we are closest to as they step up, do the right thing, and take responsibility. I can’t argue with that. I believe that. We learn by example. We as humans are heavily influenced by our social groups and environment.

I also have a social psych book buried in that box somewhere as well. I remember being fascinated by that class. It was the perfect marriage between the social and the personal, the environment and the inherent aspects of the self that may, or may not influence us to be who we are. I loved learning how the two disciplines can work side by side. I always believed (still do) that sociology and psychology are not mutually exclusive. We are complex beings, and believing that there is only one way to define our behaviors seems rather elitist and ill-conceived to me.

In my world right now, with this focus on responsibility muddling up my thoughts, I’m even more convinced of the complexity between the inside and the outside.


3 thoughts on “On Responsibility…”

  1. Fascinating thoughts. I’ve never given the concept of responsibility much thought. It was programmed into me as a child, and for the most part I continue to do the right thing for the right reasons as an adult. I agree with you about the overlap between sociology and psychology; they go together like a hand inside a glove. I also think that politics and religion mix together in the overlapped area, making for some weird behaviors and ideas.

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    1. As I was pondering that post Ally, and realizing it had started from a fairly general point and cause present in my life right now, I found myself wandering off into the “lacking and/or fear of” responsibility process, which made me thing back to deviance, which made me miss the time that I was enjoying being a student and wishing I could go back…

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      1. Yes, I liked being a student, too. It was easier to have someone tell you what was expected of you to get a good grade, than it is to live responsibly as an adult in today’s world. Your meandering thought process makes sense to me.


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