It is clearly apparent that my head has not been invested in anything much but getting out and away for so very long now.

My spouse has been attempting to get bids to have some of the interior of our shared home painted. This has to be done before it can go on the market for sale. Actually, it’s not that I have had no knowledge that these walls are long past due for a painting, but when you find yourself feeling defeated day after day things like paint don’t really seem to matter.

Some rooms are okay as is, but the majority of the downstairs, and the staircase area itself MUST be painted. The last time new paint touched these areas was when I did the entire house by myself years and years ago. Thankfully the situation isn’t to this point…yet.


There are also a few outdoor chores to accomplish as well, but the reality is that, after putting a new roof on last summer, the money in our shared savings account has dwindled considerably. Of course, neither of us will/can draw from retirement accounts at this point so our mutual understanding is that we do what we can with what we have left and call it good.

There’s a home two doors down from us just put on the market about 1 week ago. It is our exact home, simply with the floor plan reversed. It was actually the model home way back in 1992 when we toured this development.

Their home, not ours

This couple has always taken great care with their home and they have listed it at a price higher than I think we can attempt. I’m so very curious though, to see how quickly they can sell. The housing market here, like many places, is booming for sellers, so even though ours will be rather rough I have hope.


5 thoughts on “Neglect”

  1. House sales are doing well here, too. At least for the homes with curb appeal. Good luck with your painting and fixing up. Boring projects, but if it helps the bottom line then it’s worth it. imho.


    1. I always loved painting Ally, until arthritis in my neck got so bad that I just had to force myself never to do it again, or risk ending up on my back for good. I’ll do some of the garden projects, the small ones anyway. It is all about that need to “catch the prospective buyers eye” isn’t it!

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