Catching up

So the whole new home thing…it has to be the biggest encounter I have ever had with being in the right place at the right time. By chance I ran across the listing for this apartment just 2 hours after it went online. I viewed it the next day and had my application in that afternoon.

I grew up in what once was a small town. It grew and branched out into strip malls, and busy highways, and subdivision after endless subdivision. It was once rural enough that there is still a seemingly endless amount of farmland to be bought up and incorporated into more malls and subdivisions going in almost every direction.

The next town over is another story. Highways border the west, industrial complexes border the north, a large plateau borders the east and a river cuts off the south. This little town is isolated and unable to spread and that has been the saving grace for the place that is now my new home.

It’s called Sumner. It has one main street filled with little shops. It has one supermarket. It has places like Subway, and McDonalds, and more than one bank. Unfortunately it does not have cultural and ethnic diversity, as you will note by the statistics if you read the link, and that is, for me, a definite downside. I would describe Sumner as about 2 steps higher on the diverse communities scale than say, Mayberry.

It is, however, a place that I have long wanted to live in. It is quiet, quaint, and full of both historic homes and small town oddities and events. I just learned that it has been named the Rhubarb Pie Capital which is apparently why the streets were closed off and cars were everywhere when I drove through today.

My new apartment lies along Ryan Avenue, named for the man who originally platted the land. The streets in this area are tree lined, the canopies on the maples and oaks grown big enough to touch each other and keep the street in constant shade. I am in a 1959 four-plex, all brick. Brick homes, and these single-story, multi unit structures are a hallmark of the oldest areas of the town as they sit among the ramblers and Craftsmen and Victorians. I am two blocks from Main Street, and 1/2 a block from the police station. People walk everywhere. The neighbors cat wandered out to meet me on the day I signed my rental agreement. Finding a home was a big step. Finding the perfect home, in a place I never expected would be available to me, is amazing.


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