One Week

At this time last Saturday I was sitting at my dining table eating take-out pizza with Alison, surrounded by empty boxes, and some not-so-empty boxes.

Tonight I sat at my dining table with a russet potato that I baked, topped with butter, sour cream, and broccoli. I’m no longer surrounded by boxes, although I do have a strategic pile of Styrofoam waiting to make it’s way to my garbage can. I also have cardboard, but it’s hidden away in a bedroom corner. I filled the bin so full with all my 1st round boxes that the 2nd round of shipment boxes will have to be tossed gradually.

I’m waiting on two chairs: one for the desk and one that will become another seating option. After those arrive then I think I’m done, at least with the bigger items. Decor and pictures will come in time I think.

So how about some observations from my first week-

-The trains are constant, both freight and commuter. I noticed them a lot (because I’m literally 4 blocks from the station and rail line) the first few days. Now they aren’t so obvious. What is obvious though is the massive amount of people who commute from this station. Residential streets are crammed full of cars during the week. You have no sense of what this town is really like until the weekend comes.

-People are old here. I know no other way of expressing this fact than to be blunt. This place is one large retirement community with vintage charm to match the white hair, stooped bodies, and hesitatingly slow gaits of what I have to believe must be half of the population. I feel young in comparison.

-I miss dinner conversation. Now that’s ironic, since I barely ever spoke to my ex-husband, and definitely didn’t sit with him for dinner since…2012 or even longer. I’m very content typically, with being by myself, but there’s something to be said to having another human to speak with while you eat. I’m trying not to just take a plate and park in front of the computer. Music helps, but now that I actually like where I’m at and my life has taken a positive turn, it would be nice to share that with someone face to face.

-I made coffee in my own coffee pot today, for the first time since I moved in. It tasted amazing.

-I like my landlords, even though they forgot about me last Saturday and were almost an hour late meeting me here to give me the key. They have been overly helpful with a few issues that sprang up, and when I asked about my taking responsibility for putting screens on two windows that don’t have them they readily agreed, although that might have something to do with the fact that they don’t have to be the ones to accomplish the task. John, aka: Mr Landlord, even asked me to check to see if a local shopping center had any hula hoops today. I was shopping, he texted about something, I told him to go ahead with his plan and mentioned where I was. Up popped a request for hula hoops. They didn’t have any, but you better believe I’m pretty curious about his need for that item. I suspect it has something to do with upcoming vacation…

-I took a walk after dinner. It’s been over 90 degrees for days now, and with a bit cooler weather today I wanted to get out into the neighborhood. I would so buy a house here, although I imagine now is not the time, but I can dream. People walk here, people sit on their front porches here, people clear out of downtown early…very early. I turned at one point in my walk to come back home by way of Main Street. Only three cars passed me and I was literally the only living person on either side of the street for as far as I could see.

-I’m happy. Not like jump for joy, life is all roses and champagne and fireworks happy, but happy, and content. I live in an old building. I have a shower that you could scald yourself with if you’re not careful about how far you turn the handle. I have a kitchen sink that is the complete opposite of the shower. Oh, there’s hot water, but it takes forever to get hot, and then there’s no force or water pressure at all. So I adapt. I have an outlet in the bathroom that keeps turning itself off no matter what I plug into it. The fix is a work in progress, so I adapt. I have little counter space in my kitchen, but I’m only cooking for one so it’s not a big deal. I have my freedom, and my sanity and my self-worth. I won’t trade those for anything ever again.



10 thoughts on “One Week”

  1. It’s interesting that I started reading your blog just now. I’ll have to go back as soon as possible to get the background. I divorced my last husband after 24 years when I was 61, too ill to stand up straight and could not drive or work. Talk about scared but I had and still have the same feelings you have. Contentment with my life as it is. I’ve grown very comfortable with my own company as I was mostly alone in my marriages. The first one was 18 years. I’ve been alone now for 7 years and have no regrets. I had a couple of apartment rentals until I bought my manufactured home. Nothing is perfect but this is pretty darn close. Half the space as the home I shared with the husband but more than enough for me. I do eat in front of the tv. I know, not good. I do lunches with new friends and have a visit from my daughter once a week and my sister. You build a new support system. Time. Just give it time. Till later. Marlene

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    1. I have lots of time Marlene, and I believe that so many positives will come from this change. My life was miserable before this and now the door is wide open. Each day I see a small piece of the old me returning and I like that a lot!

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        1. I had a few people who just couldn’t understand how I could walk away from what I had, and I gave up trying to get them to see that what I had was misery and pain. It was all centered on all those things society says you are supposed to have, but they just couldn’t get to the part that “stuff” wasn’t important. I don’t think that I’m giving up much. I just look at it as readjusting some of the otherwise “normal” ways I have lived my life. Not a hard thing to do really, if it means being at peace.

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  2. Happy is such a godsdamned amazing feeling, ain’t it? Or maybe the word isn’t “happy,” but rather “satisfied.” Or “at peace.” One of those non-transient, rooted-all-way-to-the-core feeling words.

    I’m there, too. Even down to creating a whole new home (tho for me, no moving required! just finally making my own, this apartment I’ve lived in since leaving the ex 6+ years ago).

    And it’s all so very, VERY good…

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    1. “Satisfied” and “at peace” are perfect descriptive words. I think that’s why it felt so right, even from the first day here.
      I hope you find all the perfect ways to make your home yours now.

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  3. You are rich, in the ways that are important…” I have my freedom, and my sanity and my self-worth”…with a good dose of reality to keep it real. (side note- regarding your kitchen sink faucet.) On the end of the faucet..check and see if that screws off..there may be a small screen filter that is plugged with mineral deposits…I took ours off because it was doing the same thing. Thanks for the update! DM

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