It Never Fails

I scheduled a service appointment for my car for early this morning. Actually it’s still early, and I’m writing this from the dealership waiting area.

I have a bit of my extra special bonus monies left after the sale and division of profits from my house. Those monies were earmarked for helping me to get settled into my new home, and for this maintenance check. Be aware, it’s not like anyone else ever took care of the maintenance on my car… ever. Previously I lived with a “if it’s not broken then ignore it” sort of person. Not really my style at all, and so I always did the preventive scheduled stuff and the dealing with crap stuff, and just in general everything that needed to be done stuff, with every car I drove.

Anyway, I hopped in the car, pulled out of my parking space, drove about 3 blocks and on came the tire pressure warning light. Serendipity I believe, given where I was headed.

Yep, a very low rear passenger side tire was evident when I pulled into the service area, and of course the cost of that repair can now be added to an already overpriced maintenance appointment. It’s clear that today’s checks and evaluations and work will likely drain what was left of my extra funds.

Could have been worse, right. I was almost on the freeway when the light came on. Fortunately I was able to pull a quick u-turn in the middle of the on ramp  turn safely and in a completely legal manner and take a different route to the dealership. I had no intention of sitting on the freeway with a flat tire.

And that decision allowed me to get here with air to spare in my tire.


5 thoughts on “It Never Fails”

    1. They’re connected directly to the dealership computer Ally, didn’t you know that. Some little chip somewhere inside it said, “going to the dealership for service, let’s see what hazard we can create to really jack-up her bill” and it did- jack-up the bill that is 🙂

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