How does your garden grow…

One of the things that sold me on this apartment was the fact that the landlords allow each tenant to plant whatever they want in the little beds under their two front windows. I miss my plants from the old house, quite a bit actually. I sure couldn’t get out and dig like I used to but I still loved to putter around in the beds, trim and weed, learn what worked and what was a flop, or what would take off wildly all on it’s own without even being asked.

The soil in my new beds was lacking considerably in everything except for overuse. Just a few days ago someone brought in some new topsoil, which was wonderful. I added some compost to that and will continue to amend these beds as my garden grows and changes.

Here’s a picture of what the beds looked like last Wednesday.


Here’s how mine have changed in the last few days.

I’m taking these pictures with my phone and the sun obviously is not helping, and I am rather sadly lacking in skills when it comes to adjusting photo related things, so I have called on Google to help with some better pictures. I know that first photo looks sad. Those are heuchera, one of my favorites, as are the three bright green plants in the second picture.

Check this website.  Heuchera, or Coral Bells, are really all about the foliage, although the tiny flowers that grow from very thin stalks are quite nice. There are so many varieties. I got one of the lime ones listed on the website, and the three lonely ones are a variety that isn’t even listed there.

Any way, I don’t intend to leave those 3 all alone forever. I’ve ordered some dwarf English Lavender called Wee One, and also an amazingly brilliant perennial called Blanket Flower to go along side and behind the heuchera. They come in early October.

Behind those bright lime green heuchera are some Heliotrope and, my most exciting find, miniature Hosta’s!! They stay small, only getting to be about 12″ all around. The variety I got is called Blue Mouse Ears. Hosta’s are one of my favorite plants and I’ve had good luck with them, but the common type would take over the entire bed so I was thrilled to find these.

This project has been so much fun. Fingers crossed that they all make it through the winter and our rainy spring to come next year.


4 thoughts on “How does your garden grow…”

  1. Anything growing makes one feel so much better. I did not know there was a mini version of English Lavender. I’ll have to look for it. My garden is going somewhat dormant these days or maybe it’s just suffering heat exhaustion. 😦 I agree that even a small garden space is better than none. My last apartments offered no growing space other than pots on the porch. Something here eats all my Hostas but they keep coming back. I wish you great success on your planting.

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    1. I feel fortunate that I have both a grassy area and these two little beds just outside my door. Part of the charm of living in a much older style, very small building I suppose!

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  2. This is a wonderful project. I’m excited for you. It’s fun to start a planting bed from scratch. I put “key lime pie” coral bells in two tall planters on either side of our front door. I do it solely for the colorful foliage and it never disappoints.

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    1. It is fun Ally, and it’s been some time since I’ve had the chance to do this. These little areas get a mix of sun/shade but never total shade so I’m being adventurous in trying different options for planting. I’m sure my success or failure will be worth a few blog posts in the future!

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