I Saw An Interesting Bird Yesterday

I was almost home from work, just two blocks from my apartment. I rolled slowly up to the stop sign. No cars on my left, but an older pickup truck was coming from the right. The male driver, wearing some sort of reflective safety vest, had no stop sign of his own, and therefore the right of way.

I sat patiently, ready to give my usual nod and smile acknowledgment that we tend to use around here. We are a polite group in this little town, and more often than not we give a courtesy nod or wave or smile when we encounter other drivers or walkers.

The truck approached and I noticed the drivers window was down about 4 or 5 inches. Then I did a double take, and my mouth fell open. Clearly, and may I say rather artfully arranged, was  the drivers left hand, flipping me the bird! If you are unfamiliar with that phrase I will provide a non-human visual aid:


In that moment of realization I actually tried to rationalize what I was seeing.

Could his other fingers have accidently slipped from the door frame at the precise moment he rolled past me? 

Could he be unaware that he is passing another driver, one who clearly was waiting patiently for her turn?

Does he have his polite “I see you there index finger wave”  confused with the meaning of the middle finger wave?

In the few seconds that my brain was attempting to make sense of all this I watched him slowly remove his hand from the window opening.

I saw intent there, so I think I must assume intent in the gesture as well.

Clearly this driver does not understand the rules around here. I might even assume his name is Dick.