About the author of this blog

It is May 2015. I think that it’s time to revise this page from its cold and impersonal list form, so welcome to my About page, edition #2.

I began this blog in another form, a memoir for my children actually, a long time ago on another site. I found that I wanted to expand, to write on other topics. Plus it wasn’t always easy to remember aspects of my life that I wanted to share. It also wasn’t easy to talk about aspects of my life for quite some time.

So I moved to WP and this blog became a journey of self-expression. Over the years much of what I wrote was inconsequential at best. Fluff, as I call it. Things that would have been better for a Facebook status update than a blog post. Many of those posts are no longer available on this blog. I once wrote that this blog would be random, and possibly inconsistent. That was meant to convey that my purpose in writing was unstructured. A nod, I suppose, to continued attempts to create memories for my family rather than formulate a specific topic or genre for my words.

It’s still pretty darn random, and though I am trying to sustain some degree of substance with my words, I don’t always feel that I achieve that. It is not a ‘writing’ blog, meaning I don’t consider myself a writer, either now or most likely in the future. I am not using this site for self-promotion of any existing, or planned publications. I write when I feel inspired. I write about varied topics. I post little artistic creations. I rant sometimes as well. I am about as random as they come, and I plan to stay that way.

On a personal level I would describe myself as a semi-retired, 50+ grandma. I have three adult children, two who are married. I am married, but…the outlook after 30+ years is slightly better than grim, and the “D” word has more than crossed my mind. I am an atheist, a feminist, and a late returner to college, having earned a BA in Sociology in 2014. I have been a doula, a childbirth educator, a tutor, and a dental assistant. I have osteoarthritis that limits many activities that I used to enjoy. I read, dabble in art, garden just a bit, care for the grandchildren, and write for this blog. If I could go anywhere right this minute it would be to a cozy cabin on the coast. I would play soft music, sit by a crackling fire, enjoy a glass of wine, and daydream of what might have been.

I invite you to read freely, comment extensively, share my words if so inclined, and visit often. I can be contacted by email at iatiwblog@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “About the author of this blog

  1. Ah! Your header picture is my favorite flowers that I saw last year! Love how those flowers are so huge and their color is lovely. I only saw them past a big fence. Are they roses?


        1. There is a picture of roses, a close up actually from my garden. They aren’t traditional roses though. They grow on a low growing bush, almost continuously and are not as hard to grow as true roses. Also they don’t have the typical rose smell, but they definitely have the thorns :)


    1. Thanks!
      It was amazing how cutting sugar, and really planning out veggie filled meals made a huge difference in the way my body works. It was a great feeling to see the lbs. drop off and just about 1 month ago I was back into size 10 jeans very comfortably. Haven’t seen size 10 in quite some time. :)

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