Hello, and welcome

Updated June 1, 2016

I began this blog many years ago in another form and on a different site as a memoir for my children. I found that I wanted to expand, to write on other topics. Plus it wasn’t always easy to remember aspects of my life that I wanted to share. It also wasn’t easy to talk about aspects of my life for quite some time.

So I moved to WP and this blog became a journey of self-expression. Over the years much of what I wrote was inconsequential at best. Fluff, as I call it. Things that would have been better for a Facebook status update than a blog post. Many of those posts are no longer available on this blog. I once wrote that this blog would be random, and possibly inconsistent. That was meant to convey that my purpose in writing was unstructured. A nod, I suppose, to continued attempts to create memories for my family rather than formulate a specific topic or genre for my words.

It’s still pretty darn random, and though I am trying to sustain some degree of substance with my words, I don’t always feel that I achieve that. It is not a ‘writing’ blog, meaning I don’t consider myself a writer, either now or most likely in the future. I am not using this site for self-promotion of any existing, or planned publications. I write when I feel inspired. I write about varied topics. I post little artistic creations. I rant sometimes as well. I am about as random as they come, and I plan to stay that way.


On a personal level I would describe myself as a semi-retired, 55+ woman. I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. That mountain picture that you see in my header is Mt. Rainier. I can’t believe that I get to look at this amazing sight every day from my home.

I have three adult children, two who are married, and two grandchildren who I love more than life itself. I am married, but…the outlook after 30+ years is slightly better than grim, and the “D” word has more than crossed my mind. I am an atheist, a feminist, and a late returner to college, having earned a BA in Sociology in 2014. I have been a doula, a childbirth educator, a tutor, and a dental assistant. I have osteoarthritis that limits many activities that I used to enjoy. I read, dabble in art, garden just a bit, care for the grandchildren, and write for this blog. If I could go anywhere right this minute it would be to a cozy cabin on the coast. I would play soft music, sit by a crackling fire, enjoy a glass of wine, and daydream of what might have been – and what may still be ahead.

I invite you to read freely, comment extensively, share my words if so inclined, and visit often.

Thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “Hello, and welcome”

    1. Hi Sue. It has been some time on the writing end hasn’t it… I read everyone’s blogs every day, but the writing of my own – with so much negativity in my life right now (marriage) has sort of put an end to my feeling like sharing much. It seemed like the only thing I could find to write on was sadness and failure and generally having no clue what to do with my life and I don’t really want my blog to be all that so that’s why the silence mostly. I am reading, and appreciate the concern on your end. You know how much your pictures inspire me and brighten my days, plus make me laugh, so I’m around, even if not very talkative these days🙂


      1. I can understand your reluctance to post at such a time. As with so many families, ours is no stranger to marital upheavals. I do hope that things will take a turn for the better for you very soon. Your kind words certainly made my day.

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  1. Ah! Your header picture is my favorite flowers that I saw last year! Love how those flowers are so huge and their color is lovely. I only saw them past a big fence. Are they roses?


        1. There is a picture of roses, a close up actually from my garden. They aren’t traditional roses though. They grow on a low growing bush, almost continuously and are not as hard to grow as true roses. Also they don’t have the typical rose smell, but they definitely have the thorns🙂


    1. Thanks!
      It was amazing how cutting sugar, and really planning out veggie filled meals made a huge difference in the way my body works. It was a great feeling to see the lbs. drop off and just about 1 month ago I was back into size 10 jeans very comfortably. Haven’t seen size 10 in quite some time.🙂

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