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Great blogs aren’t always easy to find, at least for me. Most of the blogs I follow have come to me as references from other blogs. My list changes, almost as often as my blog theme. Here are my current favorites, although I consider this page a work in progress. Feel free to offer up some of your suggestions in the comments.

December 2016: Time for an update. Some new additions added. Also, a number of the blogs I have loved and that have appeared on this page for some time are not active anymore, although I keep hoping that they will return so I have moved those to the bottom in an “Archived” section, just in case.

And now and then an elephant all white. A man, a husband, a father. An amazing writer.

Behind the White Coat Words and insight from a doctor, a mother, and a very real and approachable individual. Victo also writes fiction and poetry-nice additions to her blog.

Bodhisattvaintraining Annie writes on life changes and the discovery of herself, moving forward, from her home in Australia.

Breathing Space A little art, funny insight into retirement, and life in general. Two ‘About’ pages — the 2nd one is hilarious. and what an about page should be.

Britt Skrabanek Another of those authors who have unlimited capacity to simply live life to the fullest, and share it with all of us. Britt currently hails from the great PNW, is a beer geek and Life Enthusiast.

Coffee and a blank page Alice is my go to for all things insightful and meaningful in social commentary. A day without Alice is a day that I haven’t learned something new, or been challenged to pick apart my own world views.

Deconstructingdoctor A young doctor shares her thoughts on medicine- the good and the bad. As she notes, “The purpose of this blog is to express what is not discussed by the professionals in the medical field” and she does that well, often with humor, and always as one caring individual to another.

FiftyFourandAHalf Elyse can tell you anything you want to know about shit, both literally and figuratively, just ask her.

Get Off My Lawn John lives in Canada and shares honest, insightful words about the state of our world. I love reading a blog that allows me to fist pump and exclaim HELL YES! when I read it.

HearttoHeart Wisconsin farmer and builder, DM shares thoughts on life from a perspective quite different than my own, and I like that. He also has an uncanny ability to get me to write, often in detail, about myself.

Janey Does Blogging Janey bills herself as a “snarky bitch.” I prefer ‘real, overworked, (maybe under-appreciated)  woman with a sense of humor.

NotQuiteOld Nancy describes how life changes, sometimes in not the prettiest way for those involved. Nancy knows me, and we have never met in person.

Ram On Bruce keeps forging ahead, writing about anything and everything…and baseball.

The Dancing Professor One of the first blogs I decided to follow. Intelligent conversation about academia, life, society…with a little ballet, baseball, literature, feminism, cats, wine, and S. Philly tossed in.

TheKitchensgarden Celi runs a sustainable farm in Illinois. Her readers are participants, everyday, in the life of a woman who believes in love, laughter, good food, and hard work

The Monster In Your Closet A woman writes on motherhood, work, friendship, mental health, and the curious way that all those things make her the person she is, and the person she is becoming.

The Nature of Things Sue: born in London and a transplant to the USA since the 1970’s. I come to this blog for the nature photography and leave feeling calm and renewed.

The Spectacled Bean Ally Bean lives in the midwest and writes about suburban life with wit and a wry sense of humor. No topic is off limits. She makes me laugh and how can you not love a blog that makes you laugh.

Nursing Clio Best blog ever for commentary on both historical and contemporary issues surrounding gender and medicine.


Creekviewcarol Carol is a cat, who authors a blog. I’m not sure that I have to say too much more. I love Carol, and her blog, and her world.

Mr Know Body A second blog about a woman, and a mom who also happens to be a doctor…with opinions. Do you see a theme happening in the blogs I follow…?

Pebbles on the Road Grandparents raising their grandchild, who I feel confident in saying is facing some challenges in life. I marvel at the stamina that the Stone family possesses. I am gratified by their love and devotion.

TheZombiesAteMyBrains How could you not love this blog for the title alone? Self-expression, and practicing the art of writing, but isn’t that what draws us all together.

Mama Dazz A mom, seeking to share ideas and opinions about the world, blogs about life as a woman…with the express purpose of sharing conversations with her two daughters as they grow.

I Am Mama Stories An extension of the blog Mama Dazz. First person stories of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and women in general.


3 thoughts on “Blogs I Recommend…”

  1. I don’t know if ‘Victo’ is still posting, she’s made her blog private and I remember she’d been having some problems and hadn’t posted for several weeks. I miss her posts and hope she returns but suspect she might not. She has another blog (also not updated last time I looked) for her fiction writing.

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