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The spouse was a victim of scammers. Right at the ATM machine at our local bank. The ATM machine right outside the banks front door no less.

He attempted to use his card to get cash on Thursday and was told it was unauthorized. At 6PM, it was too late to do much that night, but fortunately our bank was open Friday. He was able to pick up a new card that day.

Thankfully our bank was on top of things, although I’m still unsure just how they realized that his card was scammed. We had no unauthorized purchases on our account, and they claim the scamming happened on June 29, which was Monday.

They told him that thieves have been active lately. They manage to put one of those false front card reader thingies over the bank machine slot. They also manage to strategically place a camera so as to capture the input of the pin.

How clever are these people to do this, in a lighted area, visible to the street, directly open to the front door of the bank. I think I can believe the card reader, but the camera… Apparently I am very unaware and uninformed on the capabilities of technology today. I can only imagine it must have been a tiny camera, but obviously able to do its job.

I can only say: keep your eyes open, cover the keypad when you input your pin, and make sure you check the card slot before automatically inserting any debit or credit card. Be wary. Be vigilant.

Heat Wave

We are sweltering here, with highs today in the mid 90’s and no end in sight. This weather is not normal in our area for June. We are used to a gradual warm up to temps such as this, but they don’t hit until August, and then only last about two or three weeks.

My routine now involves getting up really early, like 4 AM when the spouse gets up, on the days I don’t watch Miss G, and getting whatever work and errands done by nine or ten at the latest.

I can’t believe that up until just this spring I valued decor over comfort. I used to have light, airy curtains at all of our western facing windows. You can imagine that they did nothing to help keep the late afternoon sun and heat out of the living area there. As noted though, it was fairly easy to work around my desire to see outside since our true summers are short and typically bearable, that is until this summer. Putting up dark insulated curtains in what I believed to be nothing more than a change of decor has proven to be life-saving when it comes to decreasing heat, so a resounding YAY for me.

Another bonus is eating much less and drinking much more…water that is. Food just isn’t appealing to me when it’s so hot, and I definitely don’t want to stand in a kitchen and cook so salads, smoothies, fruit/cheese/nut platters and easy sautéed veggies are about as far as my menu goes. Oh, and the ice pops in the freezer as well.

Miss G has a pool, and her house is air-conditioned so I feel that’s a third bonus.

Now if I could just figure out how to go without a bra and not risk embarrassment of the low-hanging boob dilemma everything would be pretty well set.

In other news, kinda sorta related to the heat, we still live in a county that allows personal use of fireworks on July 4th. I’m all for organized displays by people who know what they’re doing. However, I think the personal displays have gotten way out of hand, especially when you happen to be surrounded by adults who can’t let this habit go and actually spend more time, and I assume money as well, on shooting off not just pretty ground level fireworks but rockets and what sounds like grenades or land mines as well. The former being the legally allowed kind; the latter being what can be bought at the many illegal stands at numerous reservation sites. Our eastern part of the state is already burning with wildfires. We’ve had news reports around here of small fireworks related fires for about a week now. Our grass is dead. Everyone’s grass is dead. I think shooting off fireworks is a smart thing in these conditions, don’t you?

Time to finish up chores for the day. I have a couscous salad to make and chill, some online banking to finish as well as some laundry and some dishes to wash from my 6 AM baking and I’m already nearly a full hour past my cut off point for chores.

I think that it’s also time for the bra to go back into the closet.

Priceless Conversations with Miss G

During my morning coffee and Miss G’s snack of fruit we had pulled out the old baby toys that will soon be transferred over to her new baby sister. Miss G enjoys looking through them and it gives me an opportunity to talk about what life will be like when her sister is finally ‘out of mamas tummy.’

**Just to interject here. I am all for using correct verbiage when discussing body parts with kids and had this been the first time Miss G had ever had a discussion about babies and bodies, I would have introduced and continued to use the word uterus. She has been comfortably associating her baby sister as living in mamas tummy since her parents told her that she was going to be a big sister so I don’t intend to try to change up the language now. We can discuss the uterus when she’s a bit older.

At one point she looked at me and asked, “Grandma, do you have a baby in your tummy?”

Had anyone else had the audacity to ask me that I would have immediately gotten pissed off at their assumption because, while I may have a middle-aged, soft grandma tummy, I also do not look at all like I am of childbearing age anymore.

However, Miss G asked so sweetly and casually and sincerely, and then it just got funny.

“Grandma, do you have a baby in your tummy?”

“No, but remember when we talked about you mama being my baby, Grandma’s baby? Your mama was in my tummy a long time ago.”

“Noooo, mama isn’t in your tummy.”

Changing gears so as to avoid more confusion I laughed and admitted to being silly.

“Miss G, does your Coco (the dog) have a baby in her tummy?”

Giggling, “No!”

“Does Kiki (the cat) have a baby in her tummy?”


“Do you have a baby in your tummy?” as I tickled her.

“No!” That response came with a bit of indignation at my obvious stupidity.

“Does dada have a baby in his tummy?”

“Dada does have a baby in his tummy!”

“He does?”

“He has a food baby. Dada has a food baby in his tummy.”

Honest to god, dead serious, Miss G said that with a straight face.

Do Rainbow Weddings Dream of White Dresses?


A needed viewpoint on the recent SCOTUS ruling:

Originally posted on The Gloria Sirens:

by Delaney Rose

"Grumpy Rainbow" by Jenn and Tony Bot “Grumpy Rainbow” by Jenn and Tony Bot

Ever since I was a young, rainbow-freckled lesbian I’ve dreamt of the day I would have the right to get married. I always thought I’d celebrate, get married spontaneously, release a bunch of gay doves, bathe in glitter and scented candle wax, and help a bunch of other gays paint New York City in rainbow colors. Not that it needs much help.

In reality, when the Supreme Court announced that gay marriage was legal nationwide, I was sleeping. I’d stayed up late working the night before and woke up to see I’d missed about 100 notifications about it. At first, I was thrilled, but the thrill was almost immediately squashed by the toad of disgust. I wondered, “Great, what now?”

As a lesbian-American, what should I do with this news?

I'd change my profile picture to rainbow, but I don't want people to think I'm straight. I’d change my profile picture to rainbow, but I don’t…

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Knowledge, Power, and Outrage

Quote 3, and I won’t plagiarize this.

Missed the boat on what this is all about? See this post.

It is an honest to god quote and I feel happy both that I followed a bit of the rules associated with this challenge, and that I presented a quote that I believe and will stand behind with conviction.


“…the older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious.”

Sophie Heawood

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