Gratitude Day 30

Today is internet gratitude day.

I’m not always grateful for the world that technology has created. The need to be plugged in all the time is ridiculous and why things like Twitter and Facebook don’t rule my life.

However, when you are trying to work on lesson plans and activities for a preschooler, the internet is one of the best resources you can have. You can find theme ideas, worksheets, crafts…literally everything…and most are downloadable for free.

If you don’t go crazy, and remember that she’s only 3 and most likely going to a REAL preschool next fall, you can get so much great stuff for the price of a bit of printer ink.

Gratitude Day 29

Today I am grateful for the upcoming Autumn storm that is expected to blow in by early morning and stick around for a few days. I expect most of the rest of the leaves will be off the trees by the time the weekend is over. Stormy weather is also a great excuse for hunkering down with warm sweaters, hot beverages, quilts, and even perhaps sleeping in…because who wants to leave their warm, snug bed if they don’t have to.

Gratitude Day 28

Today I am surprised mostly, but also grateful after my morning yoga stretches. I expected to need the Aleve bottle again, anticipating soreness, but I not only felt good just after finishing the exercises, I also had no stiffness or soreness at all today!

Gratitude Day 26

Trying new things, even when they are hard, makes me grateful that I still have the ability and desire to try new things.

Today, after taking the last week or so to gather some options and plan, I started a yoga stretching routine that I hope will allow me to develop a bit more flexibility in my hands and neck especially. I was amazed at just how tough the stretches were, and they are designed for people with arthritis. I felt great after though, but now I notice that my finger joints are aching somewhat.

Oh, and lavender candles…I am especially grateful for lavender scented candles.

Gratitude Day 25

This little exercise in gratitude has not necessarily been a piece of cake and today is no exception. I promised myself when I started this process on October 1st that I would be honest.

Today I have struggled to find even one thing that seems to bring gratitude.

Actually that’s not quite true. I enjoyed the words of blogging friends. I enjoyed planning for and working on a little project with my daughter. I felt grateful for both of those things, however…

I am also allowing the actions and presence of someone to irritate, anger and overshadow even those small moments of gratitude that were presented to me today.

I had hoped that part of the purpose of this month long gratitude series would enable me have a brighter, more positive outlook each day when it came to personal issues. I had hoped that I would begin to recognize that I do not have to give in to the negativity that seems to surround a large part of my life.

I have six days left and today I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything towards that positive goal. In fact, I feel as if I have taken about ten steps backward.

In that regard, I am grateful (today at least) that I ONLY HAVE SIX DAYS LEFT to muster up daily gratitude.