I got an email from Oregon!

I just received an email, the first one, from the archaeologist daughter down in Oregon! We have been communicating by text message and today was the first opportunity she had to get into town and find some wi-fi to send an email.

I am still rather misty eyed even as I type this post. I have read the email twice and sent copies to her brother and sister. The agreement is that this is not the person who drove out of my driveway in her old duct taped Jeep just a few weeks ago.

The girl who left my house was academically mature but she was a girl. This person, the one who sent this email is turning into a competent woman who absolutely loves what she is doing. Love isn’t strong enough a description. She is passionate about what she is doing. She is interacting with fellow future and current archaeologists, speaking about culture and history and times that I know nothing about but that she revels in.

She has taken side trips and excursions out of camp both academically planned and with her fellow students. She reported a large group spent the weekend camping completely under the stars and spelunking in a lava tube. (I am tearing up a little again) She has collected samples to bring back to her own college here and use in her research work.

Not knowing this person, I’m sure it can be hard for anyone reading this to understand or comprehend the emotion here but as a parent who so wants each of her children to not only be successful but love what they do, this email has assured me that her road is firmly set. Give her a trowel, a tent, a grid and she will be content anywhere for the rest of her life.

She posted this picture on Facebook and noted that this is what she sees each and every morning when she wakes at dawn to begin the days dig:

Another completely uncharacteristic thing that popped up in her email was the specific mention of just how handsome her dig partner is. This girl has never once in her 19 years noted (to me at least) even the slightest interest in the handsome factor of any male. Guys have always just been that other gender so to have a specific reference to this person’s appearance is really more than a passing comment.

Apparently they ended up arriving at camp at the same time, both early and before the rest of the crew, and must have hit it off right away. She said they have a great location for their dig site and have, thanks to Mike, rigged a nice tarp system to keep them in the shade.

There is so much more that jumps out of her email, but I need to savor that for myself for a while. I was thinking just today about how quickly the time is going by, and how soon that she would be rolling back into my driveway in that duct taped Jeep. I am sure she is thinking the same thing but almost assuredly no where near as anxious to point that Jeep back in the direction of Washington.

I can’t truly imagine what she must be feeling to be experiencing such a life changing event but I am oh so happy for her while at the same time dealing with that twinge of longing for my baby to stop growing up, pull her Jeep into its familiar spot and stay little just a bit longer.


I just couldn’t wait

These are from a quick wander through my yard and a look at some of the flowers and plants that inhabit various corners of my world. Oh and one neighbor cat also.

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Busy weekend

After one weeks vacation it is time to return to work tomorrow.

I would rather not, but the choice is not mine at the moment.

It was a great week here, sunny and warm. This is why I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Yesterday was the daughter’s baby shower. It took a lot of planning but what a fantastic, sunny and truly memorable day.

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I took her for a prenatal massage this morning and packed up a picnic lunch for her and the dad to be to enjoy today in our sunny, hot outdoors.

Hand & Stone Massage and Spa is a local business that sits in a quaint shopping village. It is surrounded by planters overflowing with lavender, the perfect scent for the mom-to-be. She had a 50 minute prenatal massage minus the feet and a full lavender scalp massage. She said it was heavenly and ended up being so relaxed after.

I had so wanted to be able to give her a foot massage also but that is a huge no-no during late pregnancy as the pressure points could send her into labor. We cannot have any babies until after July 28th-my wedding event takes place then so she can go have that foot massage on July 29th! By then she’ll be 38 weeks and ready I’m sure.

Tuesday Writing Prompt

List the top 3 things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

Can I start this Writing Prompt by saying that choosing only three things is incredibly hard?

Thank you for your indulgence and understanding. I am truly not a greedy person when it comes to fulfilling a list like this. I don’t have hundreds of things and most of them are little things. So my choices are: do I make this a wonderfully profound post, saying things like

“I just want to see my children all happy and settled and successful.”

“I want animal abuse to stop, and those Sarah Mclachlan commercials that make me cry to stop also.”

“I want to be remembered as a kind and giving person.”

I do want all those things and more along the same line but sometimes those things sound cliché.

Perhaps I should appear selfish and list three really truly spectacular things I want. Tonight I am in the mood for selfish I think, so here goes.

I want to travel. I want to see Europe. My death would truly have to be a long, long way off because I want to travel for years, country hopping at whim. I also have to fudge a bit on this one and add that I want to overcome my fear of flying. Boat and train travel throughout Europe may add years to this quest.

I want to be a rock star and go out on tour. This entails being able to sing or at the very least having a great backing band that can cover up my mistakes and slightly off-key vocalizations. I want my musician son to be a part of my band. I want to feel what it’s like to stand on stage and see hundreds of facing looking back at me because they love what I do. I don’t want groupies.

*This one is also slightly in the realm of fantasy I believe, but no where in the prompt did it specify that these things must be a part of objective reality.

I want to own and run a successful Bed & Breakfast in a truly historic home, preferably a haunted historic home. I would settle though for just owning a grand old Victorian and living in it, just for myself. It would be decidedly more fun to share it though.

This example by the way is the Steever House B&B in South Dakota.

Alright, there’s my list.

Now what would you choose? Remember, only 3 things.



Can someone explain the term vacation to me?

I am currently taking vacation number 2. This one coming just a few short weeks after my first vacation.

Vacation is a relative term here by the way. I do not vacation in the normal sense. This is not my vacation:

In fact, that first vacation is a blur, literally. I have no idea what happened during that week other than I spent it doing non-vacation things. The same goes for this second week.

These are some of the things I do my vacation:

I clean my house.

I shop with my daughter looking for maternity clothes for her baby shower. After more stores than we could count, two shopping malls and 3 hours we finally found two dresses at Old Navy. I must interject that Old Navy has some really cute maternity clothes. Too bad most of them can only be ordered online. Lucky us-2 in my local store.

I meet with my wedding clients to tour the venue for their reception. The wedding is 3 1/2 weeks away!

I write a Sociology paper.

I bake and freeze goodies for the baby shower this weekend.

I do yard work.

I organize baby shower stuff. The picture below is NOT our shower by the way, merely an example. I have way more stuff.

I shop for baby shower food.

I clean again.

I plan an extra special post baby shower surprise for my daughter.

Which of course I can’t reveal here as she reads this blog.

If and/or when I find some extra time I do this.

Don’t you all agree-all of this looks like the perfect vacation? And guess what? In one week I get to stop being on vacation and go back to doing this. I think it’s called work.


Yes, this is a disjointed rambling post. Deal with it.

A few hours early to be sure, Tuesday’s prompt is on hold. Something has struck me lately as I find myself spending more time on my blogs. My own personal question is this:

Who exactly am I writing for these days?

When I started a blog long, long ago using Google I was writing for myself. It was basically a journal. Actually not even a journal but what it really started out as was a memoir for my kids. I made this wholehearted but tiresome attempt to take myself back in time and begin to chronicle my life for my kids. I mean my entire life. Every single thing I could remember as early as I could remember it. It was great fun for a while, but then I began to remember that I wasn’t very good at remembering anymore. It was taking a lot of effort to remember all the little nuances and stories and moments that would flash in and out of my head that I wanted my kids to know about.

I caught moments mostly through pictures and I’m sure that in the end,  had I continued, they would have gleaned some insight into their mom, but the whole idea became a struggle. I wanted to write about other things like my life now. Like my kids now and their lives. So Google went away and this blog was born. At first I only made it available to a few but in a short amount of time I realized that I felt more comfortable putting myself out to the world. For a long time I didn’t open the blog to close friends or acquaintances. I was worried about their opinions on some of the things I write about here.

That really is sort of odd because it’s not like a fill this blog with profanity, or pornography or radical revolutionary ideas such as plans to overthrow the government. In fact this blog is usually pretty darn tame. I also decided that if they didn’t like what I had to say then they didn’t need to read it. Again odd, but that was really a freeing realization.

Then along came college, and my rants and whining about this class or that professor and the next thing I knew The Perpetual Student was born. I try to contain my student self to that blog although the two have been known to overlap.

The point of my question way up there in bold letters is that I have become a follower of quite a number of blogs lately. A small number actually when compared to the blogs I read or simply visit that have massive amounts of followers. Some questions for those bloggers as I ponder my presence here:

1. How do you do it? Where do all those followers come from? Do you have a flashing light on your blog that says READ ME-FOLLOW ME-I AM GREAT-STOP BY AND JOIN

2. Why do you do it?  I follow a few writing blogs so that answer is pretty obvious, but just in general I wonder what your initial motivation was to become a blogger on WordPress. What happened one day when you woke up? Did you just say to yourself, “Today is the day I start a blog.” and do it?

3. When do you have time to do anything else? Some bloggers have a gazillion followers and comments posted from those same gazillion followers all the time. When do you eat, sleep and work. How can you find the hours in the day to reply?

I do realize that not every blog on WordPress encompasses a mass following and many bloggers have many reasons for being here. I have barely scratched the surface of this world, mostly because I don’t have the time nor the inclination to sit for hours looking at all of the blogs here. Does anyone do that? Or do you just find your little niche’ and stick to it?

I think all these weird thoughts are circulating in my head because they fall under the same sort of umbrella concept we ask in Creative Writing.

How do you write, why do you write and when do you have time to do anything else if you think of yourself as a serious writer? I’m learning more about the how part, have some handle on the why part but still struggle with the when part.

All of those questions bring me back to my original. Just who am I writing for in this blog and at TPS? Is it just an escape for me?  Am I tired of listening to myself talk so I felt I should subjugate the world to my thoughts? Am I writing with the hope that one day someone will tell me that this blog is the best ever? Am I wasting time. Should I just take to my bed with a good book and reserve this computer for intellectual college pursuits?

Quite possibly the only real point to this ramble tonight was that I am trying to avoid writing a Sociology paper.

Perhaps I should sign off now and wait for an epiphany to happen that will answer all these questions.