A day to celebrate

Today is a day once more to reflect back on another adult child, graduating and moving on to begin her future. Then tomorrow we board a plane and head to San Francisco, finally!

Alison is not one to be filled with sentimentality. She doesn’t put a lot of  emphasis on special days. She is analytical, practical and rarely emotional, although underneath she feels passionately about many things. Choosing to pursue a career in the social sciences seems to be a misnomer at face value: social science! Alison’s best moments come in solitude. She is not an extrovert, not a social animal who seeks out others or even needs interaction. But social science is where anthropology falls and where her desire to explore the ancient will be.

Appropriately, with her future planned and with this being graduation day, a famous book makes me think of Alison. I know this is cliché’, this book is probably one of the most quoted in graduation speeches but ironically it could have truly been written for Alison.

 So I give you in this post a link to Oh, The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss as read by John Lithgow. And I say Happy Graduation Al! I love you and can’t wait to see and hear all about the places you will go.




Love to hear from you!

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